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This is a page for the ones who are involved with the Homunculi's plans to become Human. It gives info on the connections that these characters have with the Homunculi's plans as well.



Dante was Izumi Curtis' alchemy instructor. Several hundred years ago, Dante was Hohenheim's original lover. She had cheated death for centuries by transferring her soul into other bodies by using the Philosopher's Stone. However, the transfer was imperfect, as Dante's soul eroded with each transfer causing each new body to decay more quickly than the last. She can perform alchemy without a transmutation circle, an ability she gained at an unknown time in the past. She uses the symbol of a winged snake fixed on a cross which is passed on to Izumi, and then to the Elric brothers. It is meaningful that the symbol is the opposite of the Ouroboros worn by the Homunculi. It represents a fixation of the volatile principal in alchemy as opposed to the endless cycle represented by Ouroboros. In Dante's case, the symbol likely represents her belief that she is immortal and has conquered the cycle of birth and death as represented by the Ouroboros.

Dante is the leader of the Homunculi. For centuries, she used Envy to find and recruit new Homunculi whenever one of her previous agents died. She used them to spark wars, so that many people will die and be used to create a new Philosopher's Stone. However, she has never actually created a Philosopher's Stone on her own: she either lacked the full knowledge to create a Stone or believed that anyone who created a Philosopher's Stone would die.

With a new Philosopher's Stone, Dante was planning on transferring her soul into Rose's body. It is unknown what becomes of Dante, but it is assumed that she is dead: she was last seen fighting off Gluttony while attempting to return to the surface where she expected to find Pride still in control of the country. And since her body was rapidly decaying at the time, even if she managed to fight off Gluttony, her remaining life would be limited.

The name Dante is suggested to have come from Dante Alighieri. Dante does not exist in the manga, as the creator of the homunculi has already been shown as a male. *This info was brought to you by*


Edward Elric and AL were supposedly being used by the Homunculi. Their plan was to make the two brothers turn them all into humans by using the Philosopher's Stone. When this was first revealed, the three Homunculi, Envy, Lust and Gluttony had captured AL in Laboratory 5. Lust threatened to kill Edward's little brother if Ed failed to use the prisoners as ingredients for the Philosopher's Stone. Edward was about to until his conscious got in the way. They managed to escape with their lives in tact.

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