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What is Alchemy?

In Fullmetal Alchemist a major element in the story line is Alchemy, the science of changing one substance to another. Alchemy has three steps to perfrom a transmutation (a sucessful change of matter). The first step is understanding the molecular composition of an object. The second step is decomposition in which all bonds in the substance are broken through the use of alchemic energy and the final step is reconstruction in which those atoms are reconstructed into something new.

Transmutation Circles:

These are the many arrays alchemists use in transmutation. Alchemist who have not seen "The Truth" have to use these arrays in order to transmute anything. Those who have seen this truth are able to perform alchemy without a transmutation circle.


How Homunculi Are Born

Homunculi are humans that are created artificially by alchemy. They are much like natural humans in their physical appearance, but they have no souls. They are actually created as by-products of failed attempts at human transmutation, usually an attempt at resurrection.

Homunculi are not actually immortal. By consuming incomplete Philosopher's Stones they can prolong their lives indefinitely and can regenerate from any injury, even death. Their greatest weakness is that they become very vulnerable (sometimes to the point of paralysis) if they get too close to a remnant of the person that was to be revived (a part of their former body). The ability of the Homunculi to regenerate is limited by the amount of stone material inside their body. A regeneration consumes stone material and they can be physically killed when all their stone material has been consumed or expelled from their body. The minds and perhaps other attributes of the Homunculi can be manipulated by alchemy directed through their ouroborus tattoo. They are also generally incapable of using alchemy as they have no souls, although each one of them has a supernatural ability activated by consuming stone material. Wrath was able to use alchemy because Edward's arm and leg were bonded to his body inside the gate.

Their goal is to see a true Philosopher's Stone created, as they have been told that it would give them souls so they can be fully human. The Homunculi are each named after one of the seven deadly sins and have ouroboros tattooed somewhere on their bodies.

Their Story:
MAJOR SPOILERS! (Not responsible for "disappointment")


Name: Lust
Title: Ultimate Spear
Age: At least 15 years old
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Violet
Height: Possibly 5'5
Skin Color: Fair
Hates: Not getting what she wants
Likes: Getting what she wants
Abilities: She can extend her fingers, giving them a sharp edge that is able to cut even the toughest of steel
Oruborus Location: Just slightly under her collar bone; where the eyes are most appealing to
Pesonality: She's sexy, calm in situations and has that way about her that lures people in.


Lust was created by Scar's brother when he attempted to use alchemy to bring his lover back from the dead. It was said that she had died of an illness possibly 8 years ago. And it is speculated that during the transmutation Scar's brother lost part or all of his male reproductive organs as part of the equivalent exchange. He was unsuccessful and thus, Lust was born. She was not the first Homunculus to bear the name of Lust, and is the third youngest Homunculi, with only Wrath and Sloth being younger than she.


Name: Gluttony
Title: Ultimate Hunger
Age: Unknown
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Solid White
Height: Possibly 4'5
Skin Color: Fair
Hates: Not getting enough food, being hungry, not being with Lust or any harm done to Lust
Likes: Eating and clings to Lust like a child
Abilities: He can eat anything, making even the toughest of metals dissolve and he runs fast despite his weight
Oruborus Location: His Tongue
Personalitiy: Gluttony is a straightforward guy with the mind of a fruit fly. He's constantly hungry and clings to Lust. He loves to eat, he lives to eat and his only two reaons of living is that and Lust.


Gluttony is possibly the third oldest Homunculi. His exact ''birth'' is unknown, but rumor says that he was created by Dante in order to store the ''ingredients'' inside him to make a Philosopher's Stone.


Name: Greed
Title: Ultimate Shield
Age: Second oldest of the Homunculi. There's no clear timeframe for when he was alive originally. He is probably more likely to be least 350 years depending on when he was created and how long he has been "imprisioned"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Violet
Height: 6'1
Skin Color: Fair
Hates: He hates being controlled; he hates people who hurt his "followers" and not having a good time. He specially doesn't like Envy.
Likes: His "human" friends, women, money, power, and just being greedy
Abilities: He has the power to use the carbon in his body to make it as hard as diamonds or as soft as pencil lead if he choses to do so.
Oruborus Location: on the back of his left hand.
Pesonality: Greed is certainly different among the Homunculi. Unlike the others, he does not want to become human. He wants to be immortal. And why not? He has this body that can never die and he doesn't have to say "yes sir" or "yes ma'am" to anyone. His personality has many shades. On one hand, he's ruthless and cruel, on the other, he's caring and charming, a nonchalant kind of way. Unlike the others, he actually does care about those who work for him. In his own words, "They belong to me" is meaning he protects what's his.


There's a strong possibility that Greed is in fact perhaps a lover of Envy's mother, after, or during the time Envy's father left. This would perhaps explain why there is so much hatred between these two Homunculi. When Greed comes into the series, we see him tied up and unconscious in a strange room (which Gluttony refers to as the "Bad Place") Later in the series, we learn that Envy, with the help of Dante, was the one to seal Greed about 130 to 140 years ago. The fact of why he was imprissioned probably goes with his name. He took orders from no one and did what he wants. Thus, he was disobedient.


Name: Envy
Title: Monster
Age: His true age is unknown, probably at least 400 years old. He is the oldest of the Homunculi
Hair Color: Dark Green
Eye Color: Dark Violet
Height: Any height he wishes, his usual form is taller than Ed, about 5';
Skin Color: Fair
Hates: He doesn't really enjoy fighting, but he has no problem doing so. He despises the Elric family.
Likes: Killing, working alone, causing grief
Abilities: Shapeshifting. He can shapeshift into anyone in the anime, even change his voice to match the person. It is mentioned that he has incredible inhuman strength. And can at least shapeshift into one animal form.
Oruborus Location: His upper left leg.
Also note that the symbol on his headband stands for "Clay". This most likely has to do with the fact that he can change his shape, almost like clay.
Pesonality: Envy usually wears his emotions on his "sleeves". When he is angry, he lets you know it, same goes for when he's feeling spiteful or happy. He's very intelligent and knows what he wants. He follows the orders of Dante;, however, at times; he has acted on his own. Despite this, Dante is able to keep him in check by using Envy's intense hatred against him.


The reason for his intense hatred of Hohenheim is because he is Envy's father (which means Edward and Alphonse are his half brothers). It is said that Envy died of Mercury poisoning prematurely. After Hohenhiem's failed attempt to bring him with human transmutation, he abandoned him. After which, Dante (his mother) took him in. About 130 to 140 years before the start of the anime, Envy helped Dante seal Greed.

Interesting Information:

To my knowledge, Mercury is said to be the element of androgyny, meaning someone could be either gender or both at the same time. It is interesting that Envy died of Mercury poisoning, and then chose to have an androgynous form. Mercury is also said to be a component in making the Philosopher's stone.


Name: Wrath
Title: Unknown
Age: 9
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Violet
Height: Possibly 4'8
Skin Color: Pale, though his right arm and left leg are light tanned.
Hates: Edward and Izumi
He, of course, hates all humans, but those two appear to be the main focus of his hatred. Izumi- because she ''abandoned'' him after failed attempt of human transmutation, and Edward- because he wants to take his limbs back, and Wrath wants to take Edward's body. He also hates babies and memories of being in the Gate from when he was transmuted. He is terrified of evening mentioning about the Gate.
Like: Sloth (sees her as his mother)
Abilities: He is the only Homunculus who is able to use alchemy. He uses it in such a way that he can fuse his body with anything not alive. There's rumor that he can fuse with a Homunculi.
Oruborus Location: The bottom of his right foot.
Personality: Wrath starts out as an innocent, cute child. However, even in that innocence, his true nature does show through. In the instance where he was cruelly squeezing the mouse to death because he thought it was fun. After he becomes aware of the fact that he is a Homunculus (thanks to Envy), his personality makes him a sharp turn around. He becomes a creature of hatred and spite.

Before Edward and Alphonse asked Izumi to allow them to become her apprentices, Izumi and her husband had tried to have a child. Izumi was unable to give birth, and Sig made the decision to have her have an abortion in order to save her life. Izumi probably would have preferred to have died to save the child. Izumi, desperate, took the baby to an uninhabited island, Yokk Island, and attempted human transmutation. However, she failed, and Wrath was born. Saddened Izumi gave the ''baby'' Wrath back to the gate. Years later, after Edward and Alphonse attempted to transmute their mother, Wrath took Edward's arm and leg as his own and escaped The Gate. He had no memory though of what he was, and lived on the uninhabited island until he was found.

Interesting Information: Wrath's left leg and right arm are really Edward's limbs. He gained them after Edward attempted human transmutation. Also, when Wrath eats the red stones that Envy gives him, his eyes change from normal (brown) to Homunculus eyes ( dark violet) and he gains his Homunculus clothing, he also regains his memories as a Homunculus. It is never explained why this reaction occurs, but it seems to be true for all the Homunculi after eating the Philosopher's stone.


Name: Sloth
Title: Juliet Douglas, Furher`s Secretary
Age: 5
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Violet
Height: 5'6
Skin Color: Fair
Hates: Edward and Alphonse
Likes: Giving orders, and Wrath (sees him as her son)
Abilities: Sloth has the power to turn herself into water
Oruborus Location: Her upper left chest under her collar bone (where the heart is)
Personality: Sloth is cool and calm. She never gets angry. She has the tendency towards motherly, mature behavior. She only wishes to be human, no matter what.

Sloth was found by Dante a little after her birth, at the time she was nothing more than the mass of flesh and bone that Edward and Alphonse created in their attempt to bring back their mother. She was fed red stones in order to bring her strength up. After she was able to take on her human appearance, and was given the name Sloth, Dante placed her in the military with the name Juliet Douglas with the help of Pride (who was Fuhrer around that time). Juliet Douglas was a soldier who apparently died two years ago before the Ishbal War. However, the name was never removed from the military records. It is said that a soldier with that name shot and killed a helpless Ishbal child. (Note: This apparently never happened, it was a cover story the military put up to hide the fact that the start of the war was not an accident). In the two years after that, the soldier received a promotion and was selected to be the Secretary of the Fuhrer. The real Juliet Douglas would have been in her fifties, but obviously, Sloth looks to be only thirty and is only about 5 years old.


Name: Pride
Title: Ultimate Eye
Age: Judging from dialogue and observation, I'm guessing 59.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Violet/Blue
Height: 6'
Skin Color: Fair
Hates: He just hates humans in general, though he hides it very well in his daily dealings with them
Likes: A good laugh
Abilities: Pride's eye that he usually keeps covered allows him to be able to ''sense'' his enemy's next move, making him nearly impossible to defeat.
Oruborus Location: On his left eye, it glows in the dark when he has it uncovered.
Personality: Pride seems like a friendly person when he's playing the role of Furher. But behind that calm, pleasant front is someone who loves only himself. He cares nothing for humans, and loves only to bring about the orders of his Dante, his creator.

Not much is known about Pride. He apparently joined the military when he was young, and worked his way up to Furher. He is the only Homunculi with the ability to age, thus making it difficult to pinpoint him as a Homunculi. He also uses swords to fight, unlike the others.