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This page will open up the doors of "the Gate" and let us look inside to see what it holds.
The Gate (also known as the "Gate of Truth") is said to be the source for all alchemic power. The gate allows the power of deceased human souls, which are the power behind all alchemy, to flow from the other world to power alchemy. An alchemist who sees into the gate can then perform alchemy without the use of a circle because of the knowledge passed during the experience. The Gate resembles Rodin's sculpture ''The Gates of Hell''


[Warning: Contains Spoilers. Read at your own risk!]

The Gate of Alchemy is a fictional metaphysical place or construct integral to the plot of the anime Fullmetal Alchemist. The Gate is the source of all alchemic energy, often exemplified by the light of an alchemic transmutation. It bears a striking resemblance to Auguste Rodin's "The Gates of Hell" (as mentioned above). It is depicted as a large, black, two-doored gate that is variable in height and typically suspended in a white void. The Gate of Alchemy is full of eyes of creatures looking out from inside the gate. These enities of unknown origin serve to take away what they consider the likely price for a human transmutation.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The Gate is the basis for alchemy in Amestris. The power of alchemy is generated by the loss of human life in the other world flowing through the gate; as a link, the Gate can also be traversed to reach the other world. In transmutation, there are three steps to successfully completing it; the object must be understood, then it must be decomposed, and lastly rearranged into the desired form. The Gate of Alchemy's energy is used for at least the last two steps.

The gate seems to not be any particular location but rather a dimension to be entered. Dante stated from her confronation with Hohenheim of Light that an entrance to the Gate exists in every human soul since birth. However, as they grow older, the gate's presence in them is weakened. However, when a person attempts to perform human transmutation, the act of manipulating human life through alchemic means (the homunculi), they are taken to the Gate of Alchemy, which transfers knowledge about alchemy into their mind. Due to this, an alchemist that has seen the Gate is able to transmute without the use of a external circle. Rather than a physical circle, the alchemist can create a circle usually with their arms or automail limbs, envision the shape of the circle in their mind and initiate a transmutation. Indeed, Wrath was able to perform alchemy by making a circle with the one arm and one leg the Gate had taken from Edward Elric, and with his knowledge of alchemy derived from the Gate. In the anime series, Al is never able to transmute without the use of an array until he housed the Philosopher's Stone in his body, but in the manga he is able to do so after a certain event where blood was spilled on his blood seal and jump-started some memories from the gate.

These alchemists can, through a transmutation circle, summon enough power to use gate as a pathway to the other side. Two such ways were performed. Dante used Rose's baby as an ideal medium for the Gate, using it to dispose of Hohenhiem, Wrath, and Edward. The gate can also be summoned with a human sacrifice, though Homonculi can be used as well.

Any alchemist in possession of a Philosopher's Stone, complete stone or not, is able to transmute without the use of a circle, and can use the energy of the lives lost in the stone to perform acts of alchemy not normally possible. Continued use of the aforementioned stones though causes the stone to deteriorate as its power is consumed by the creatures of the Gate.