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Hmm. So you've come here to me because you have some questions, aye? Well maybe I can help you out. Note, I only answer questions from the anime FullMetal Alchemist. All other questions can be thrown into the guestbook. Well? What are you waiting for? Ask away!


Q: Can I become a Sin?

A: Probably if you work hard at it but definately not if there is constant "bugging". Maybe if you help us with the site / gain our trust you can become one of the Sins.

Q: Can I be a member?

A: Yes! Join already! Just email Envy ( Give your "name" and say that you would like to join. Please be nice and not insult the other members.

Q: Why is the guestbook empty?

A: Sometimes it gets too full that we have to clean it up. Don't worry. It still works. Plus, we save all conversations in a folder so we can look back on memories! :)

Q: What's with the PC game Aliens vs. Predator 2?

A: We use that to have our meetings, offer roleplays, and just a fun place to hang out.

Q: I don't have the PC game! Can I still join?

A: Of course you can! No one has to have the pc game. We just use it for fun. If you don't have it, we will email you on what went on in the game. We will keep you updated.

Q: What is FullMetal Alchemist?

A: It is an anime (Japanese made cartoon) series. The original work derived from mangas (japanese comic books) If you want to learn about it, read the Info Page.

Q: Who is the "FullMetal Alchemist"?

A: Edward Elric, this name was given to him by Fuhrer King Bradley when he got certified as a State Alchemist. All the other State Alchemists have "Callsigns" as well.

Q: How many episodes of FullMetal Alchemist are there?

A: 51 (52 if you count the recap episode) The series is completed and no more are being made. However there is a movie. Rumor has it that there are two movies but... that is just a rumor.

Q: Is FullMetal Alchemist shown on television?

A: Yes it is! Currently in the USA you can watch it on Cartoon Network when they run their AdultSwim. Check your local listings for time. As for other countries, you'll have to do your own research. As of now, it is rarely a rerun in Japan.

Q:Who does the voice of Edward Elric?

A: English: Vic Mignogna Japanese: Romi Paku

Q:Is there a FullMetal Alchemist movie?

A: Yes! It was released in theaters in Japan July 23rd, 2005. Scheduled for DVD release sometime in December or January of 2006.

Q: Is the movie availible in English?

A: Nope, sadly no. So far it hasn't even been licensed yet. I'm disappointed.

Q: How tall is Edward Elric?

A: 165cm (we think..)

Q:Where can I find DVDs of FMA?

A: In stores you can find them at Best Buy, Suncoast, Sam Goody, Waldenbooks, the WIZ etc. Online, look for them at ,, etc.

Q: Who is the creator of FMA?

A: FMA was created by a "goddess". She goes by the name of Hiromu Arakawa. Long live the Queen!

Q: Where can I find lots of information about my favorite anime character?

A: We are currently providing you an information soon! Just be paitent!

Q: Who are the villains?

A: Scar, Dante (anime), Father (manga), The Homunculi (Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Lust,Envy)

Q: Is there any merchandise for FMA?

A: Yup! FMA is everywhere now! You can find most things you could ever want on or even browsing at an Anime Convention in your area. Also, stores like Hot Topic, Suncoast, and Waldenbooks are also selling things. You just have to look for it! But to help your search, look at Lust's page with places you can go to shop online for. (One of the Sins has Edward Elric's Pocket Watch! :) )

Q: Are Ed and Winry a couple?

A: In the anime/movie I'll have to say no, sorry. They're just friends. Though in the manga it looks like a strong possibility!

Q: What is considered a "Spoiler" for the series that I should keep an eye out for?

A: In this site, we warn you before reading further that there is a spoiler ahead. Plus, anything that is a spoiler, you will have to highlight.

Q: What gender is Envy?

A: In the beginning most assume Envy to be female, until certain things are revealed in the series that people prove Envy as being male. Envy has characteristics of both genders, even in the normal "cute" form. The guides say he/she is genderless because he/she can take any form they choose. But, in the end, that answer is revealed.

Q: What country does FMA take place in?

A: The country is called Amestris. It is based on W.W.II style Europe. A good portion of the movie takes place in Munich, Germany (details about it are SPOILERS)

Q: I have a question but it isn't on the FAQ! What do I do?

A: Just email one of the sins titling your email "FAQ" and ask your question. We'll have it posted on here in the next few days with an email answering your question.


-Have a question that's not mentioned above? Just ask one of the Sins. We'll answer it and post it on this page-