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Please read over these rules before applying to the guestbook.



*Please no spamming in the guestbook. It is pointless. We can delete your posts without any effect on the guestbook. We have that time and we have that power.

*No foul, sexual-related, or explicit verbal language. No dating, no "have you seen..." or invites. If you are here for any of those, go to yahoo chat. Any usage of the related content will be an automatic deletion of ALL your posts continually until you clean up the act.

*No flamers. This is an FMA based fan site. We do not need your disapproval on the anime or its components. If you seriously do not like the anime, please join the WE_HATE_FMA site. They will be happy to welcome you.

*No stealing! Everything is copyrighted and any thing taken without permission will result in a penalty. Continual acts we will report to federal law. We've done it before and we'll do it again. So, please, don't cause trouble for yourself or others. If you want to make a FMA site, spend lots of time planning and working hard at it. That's what we did. Our sweat and blood went into this!

* Make this a safe, fun-filled environment and enjoy your stay!



*Respect Higher Authority. They have worked hard for their rank and they have the right to be in authority over lower ranks. If they tell you to do something, do it without any questions. No arguing or it will result in canceling your chance for higher rank. If you think someone is mistreating you or abusing this authority, report to the Sins. That's what we are here for.

*No clan fighting without the Sins permission. Any violation or disobedience will cost you your rank. Second violation will put you at the bottom under Followers which is a very low rank and hard to get out of. Third violation will result in being banned. We do not want a bad reputation.

*Do not start fights with other members or guests. Treat everyone with respect and kindness. If you have a problem with someone, report it to the Sins. We will take care of it.

*Role-playing is allowed but not on guestbook. If you wish to role-play with someone, do it over email or some type of instant messaging. Sometimes we will provide roleplaying on an Aliens vs. Predator 2 server hosted by the one of us.

*No false rank! For example, if you are a Trainee and make your tags another rank, you will be given the Follower rank. Any continuation of this crime will result in being banned from the clan.

*Absolutely NO sharing information to other clans or people outside of this site. We will find out if this rule is violated. And if it points to you, it results to automatic banning from the clan. No excuses*

*NO involvement with any of the "Bad List". That means no contact with them whatsoever or any involvement with them within 7DS clan boundaries. Tolerance with this is unacceptable. Whether you are a member or even a Sin, if you are seen with or talking with them on any clan matters, you will be dismissed from this clan. There is a reason they are on this list. That's why you must stay clear of them.

*Disobedience is not tolerated! With every wrong action comes a heavy price. Remember that.

*The "Dismissal Rule": Clan members who are in constant conflict with each other are dismissed from the clan for a short period. When they are invited back into the clan, the matter either gets resolved or they are sent into another dismissed period which last longer. If the matter isn't solved by then, they are put into "The Withhold Room" (ranks will lower and privileges will decrease then, whatever it takes to get a conflict to disappear).

* For FAN ART- You are responsible for your own work. Any plagarism (stealing someone else's work and proclaiming it as your own) will not be tolerated! Any misuse of this will result in banning from the fan art gallery.
*Instructions for Fan Art: If you wish to have your art posted, please do the follwing.

1.) Attach your art to an email.

2.) Title your email as "Fan Art"

3.) Please give any information that you wish to post under your work. For example, what is the title? Any information on how long it took you? Your own comments, etc. Also, in the art, you must add your OWN signature to identify it was your work. Your own cursive work. But it doesn't have to be your real name. For example, I make a work and I will write my cursive name "Envy". But you don't have to if you don't want.

4.) Send it to

*Rules before posting Art:

-NO porn, nudity, sexual-related art. No discrimination work, plagarism, offensive material. It will not be accepted and you will receive a warning if any material like this is sent to me. Continual offense will be banned from chances of posting any fan art on the site.

- All work is accepted as LONG as it is FullMetal Alchemist! Made-up characters are accepted but it must deal with FullMetal Alchemist only!

*Make this a fun site and welcome everyone! Just relax and enjoy!

The Creator of 7 Deadly Sins
"I'll make you Green with Envy"

Seven Deadly Sins was created and founded by ENVY.

Word from Envy: "Come to the dark side. We have cookies."



The word homunculi comes from the latin word ho-man-. It means the 7 important functions of a human body: Eye, Foot, Hand, Leg, Heart, Mouth, and Chest. That is why the Oruborus symbol on the Homunculi is in their specific regions of their bodies.

Note- These rules were placed for a good reason. They are not something to look away from.

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